Friday, January 9, 2015

Rock Climbing, Life training


                         Matthew Childs: 9 life lessons from rock climbing



     A seasoned rock climber gives the viewers a take on his experience from rock climbing, and how the lessons he has learned can be applied to our lives. 

     Rock climbing is a very difficult sport. Much like life itself, it requires planning, focus, and mental strength. Matthew Child saw this comparison, and decided to present his most relatable comparisons in a slide show with pictures. The comparisons were relatable as well as entertaining, some of his lessons were deeper than their basic meaning, which was very thought provoking. 

     This TED talk made me pause and do some self reflection. I have been rock climbing myself, but never have I reflected on my experience and thought of it as a life lesson. His mentality towards something that may seem less significant to others is admirable. He took something that may seem like basic rules for success in rock climbing and transferred them to our own complex lives. Watching this TED talk, I have realized the flaws in how I interpret experiences in my life. I should be more optimistic in my everyday life, I should see tasks, as an opportunity for learning instead of a burden. This TED talk also relates to our outdoor ed class, as we have recently partaken in this sport, and have basic experience in rock climbing

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