Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ted talk - the power of believing that you can improve

Ted talks, the power of believing that you can improve. this guest speaker on ted talks talks about children under the age of 11 and what their work habits are at school, and at home but mainly in solving random problems they will eventually need in the real world. I will be focusing on how she helps kid improve on their habits and how she places in different work categories.

Carol Dweck, the guest speaker speaks about how she places the children into 2 different categories, a steady mind set and a working mind set. A working mind set has a lot of activity in the study she shows and it shows the child will try to complete the task and try to improve to successfully solve the problem. A steady mind set dosn’t have much brain activity and they will not try to improve but they will try to run from there problems and admitted that they would try and find a way to cheat during their test.

She helps the kids with steady mind sets improve by a game that she has made that gives these kids rewards to help improve on their learning skills. rewarding them helps the kids to be more engaged and helps them to try harder, which means they want to succeed to they can get another reward so it helps the children in school as well because it will give them the want to succeed just like in the game.

Miss Carol Dweck has helped many children and has started testing her theories on older children in high school to improve their studies and 80% of the time it works. I feel like this study would help struggling children all around to help improve there grades and help them with at hoe problems.

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