Friday, January 16, 2015

Canadian Canoe Routes-Resource


Canadian Canoe Routes is an excellent place to plan your canoe trips anywhere in Canada.  You can browse in any section of any province and see which canoe routes are rated the best and the level of difficulty for every route.  There is also a page for people to view what recipes are good for outdoor trips.  It shows the preparation time, level of difficulty and directions for making the meal.  There is a gear page which suggests what gear to bring for wilderness trips and advice on how to plan for different types of adventures.

This website is perfect for the outdoor ed course; it contains plenty of information on planning for a trip or just going out for a one day canoe.  Students can search up canoe routes near them and even look at what gear to bring for canoeing.  It can also be used to plan for the school canoe trips as well with plenty of Algonquin Park routes.  I highly recommend this website to any canoeists in Canada.

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