Friday, February 27, 2015

Does Hunting Help or Hurt the Enviroment?

 This article is talking about the current controversy of hunting in this day and age. On one side people are saying its a barbaric activity which involves pointless murdering of animals. The other said is that it has been done since the beginning of time and is a good way to control the animal population from over expanding. The amount of people who hunt is slowly decreasing in population but the article states that the public support about hunting is rising.

This article relates to our course because it relates to conserving the environment which we try to do in our class. Without conserving the environment we would not get to enjoy as much with this course.Although we do not hunt in the class , we still do not harm any animal we come in contact with when we are in the outdoors. I believe hunting is an appropriate past time and is morally okay since people have done it since the beginning of time.

I rate this article a 4/5 .. could have more information about the people who are pro-hunting.

 Earthtalk, Westport CT , November 2009

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