Thursday, February 26, 2015

Staying warm grandpa's way

Tittle: Staying warm grandpa's way
Author: Allen Macartney
By: Makita Russell
           In this article Allen Macartney reminisces about his grandfather and the tips that he gave him on staying warm in the cold. Allen Macartney's grandfather was a farmer who sold his vegetables at Byward Market year round. He had to take long rides on  a horse drawn carriage to get to Byward Market. Some of the tips that his grandfather gave him was dress in layers, wear mitts, not stylish gloves, when the temperature bites and may more helpful tips.
          I really enjoyed this article and think it is very informative. Especially with are winter camping coming up. Some of this tips will be very useful when we are trying to stay warm in our quinces at night. This article also makes me think about how teenagers dress and how we dress to impress instead of dressing for comfort. I encourage that you read this article before you plan a winter camping trip or go out side for along period of time.

Source: Macartney, Allen, "Staying war grandpa's way", Ottawa Outdoors Winter issue 2014 page 05