Friday, March 27, 2015

Algonquin Park Comfy Camping

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Algonquin Park Comfy Camping is an interesting read. I found this article very interesting as it gives fairly detailed information about Algonquin Park.

The article is about his experience at the park and how he felt going to the park. The article also gets into details about what the park offers and best time to go to this park. The writer also mentions things to do there like go to the visitor center which goes into details about the park (basically a museum), canoe, hiking and many more.

I found this article interesting in that it gives me a bit of info before I go to the park. This helps me in a way that I can prepare for the type of camp that I would be going to if I was to go there. Basically Planning head for I know what to expect. I found that the article was informative in that you can get an idea of what the camp is about as they talk about the feelings and experiences he had well being at this camp. This has made me think based from his experiences that I would enjoy the camp and find the camp fun to be at. I also noted that the article talked about what time of year to go to this camp has the scenery is the best at this time of the year (Autumn). This article is great in that it also mentions that the autumn season is popular season to go to. This means that you should book ahead to insure that there is camp space for you. By reading this article it has made me informed that I should book ahead to get into this camp where if I did not read this article I would not known to book ahead.

I think that you should read this article if you are planning to go to Algonquin Park so that you can be prepared even more then before.
March, Laurie. "Algonquin Park Comfy Camping in Ontario's Largest Provincial Park." Outdoor Adventure Canada - Car Camping in Algonquin Provincial Park. Outdoor Adventure Press. Web. 28 Mar. 2015. <>.

By Billy McDonald


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