Friday, March 27, 2015

Disorientation Article #2

Disorientation -Carrie Visintainer by: Clayton McWilliams
      In this article, a mother named Carrie Visintainer and her family took a weekend trip to the Rocky's. On the second day that they were there, Carrie decided to go out for a walk; but she made a horrible mistake, she left her hiking gear in the cabin and was totally unprepared for what was too come.  After walking for a few hours she finally realized that she was lost and knew that her only way out was too yell for help. Luckily, her husband Chris was out looking for her and heard her cries for help. She then used his voice as a guide back to where they were, which was only half a mile away.

In this article I learnt that you should always stay prepared. I learnt this because even though Carrie was going for a short walk she didn't even bother looking at a map before she left and all she had on were crocks, leggings and a cotton t-shirt. This left her in a bad situation that no one would like to be in, lost, alone and in the dark. Another thing I learnt from this article is to always have a plan. Carrie didn't even consider the fact that she may get lost so she didn't tell Chris what to do. The smart thing would have been to say if she wasn't back in 1 hour to go outside and start calling for her.

I find this article relates well to the outdoored program because we will be going on a hiking trip and if any of the students get lost we should have a plan in place for what to do next. I also find it closely related to the program because we need to have the proper gear for our different trips.

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