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Wilderness Survival Kits: Top Ten Items

Wilderness Survival Kits: Top Ten Items
By Jason Knight
Rating: ***

Wilderness Survival Kits: Top Ten Items was a fairly good, information based article. It mostly stated facts and lacked interesting opinions and statements.

The article I chose is titled “Wilderness Survival Kits: Top Ten Items”. According to the article, while nothing compares to proper survival training, a well-planned survival kit is right up at the top of the list.  The first three items on the list are the most essential:

1.       A knife: This is a versatile and extremely useful survival tool. You can use it to prepare food, make fires, make shelter, etc.
2.       A form of water purification: Whether it is a survival straw, or water purification tablets, this item caters to the most important need; water/fluids.
3.       A wool blanket: This will help you keep warm, even when wet.
4.       Lighter: This is a good, reliable source for starting a fire.
5.       Water/Windproof matches: Always carry at least two types of fire starters.
6.       Compass: Points you in the right direction if your other methods fail or are inapplicable.
7.       First aid supplies: Things to clean your cuts and scrapes are important, as even the smallest cuts can be a fatal injury if the wound becomes infected.
8.       Flashlight: Darkness comes on fast, and you will need to be able to see in the dark. It is also an effective form of rescue signaling.
9.       Metal bowl: Effective for boiling water, collecting things, and storing things.
10.   Parachute cord: Useful for building shelters and the bow drill fire making technique.

This article will help me because I love the outdoors and I love exploring and hiking and skiing, etc. I will definitely make a habit of carrying around at least the bare essentials with me when I go on hiking/camping trips. I now know what should go into an effective wilderness survival kit, and it could just save my life.

Alderleaf Wilderness College, Jason Knight, 2006

Amy Wilson

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