Friday, March 27, 2015

Fire Lighting 101 - Article #2

Rating: ****

Fire Lighting 101 was a very useful article that gave me great basic tips on how to start a fire in the wilderness.

The article gives out advice on how to light a fire particularly for the summer season (such as giving suggested types of wood to use to begin your first flame like strips of birch bark).

I really enjoyed this article because I think I will greatly benefit from it. Personally I think being able to start a fire with only natures resources is a skill everyone must inhabit for basic survival reasons and even just for enjoyment. Before reading this article I did not exactly know the exact steps to making a simple fire and know I will be far more prepared in general.

I strongly recommend this article to those who are looking to be prepared for anything that could come their way such as fighting for their life stranded in the outdoors because knowing how to start a fire is basic knowledge that will come in handy many times in your life.

Callan, Kevin. Fire Lighting 101. 2013. Explore Magazine.

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