Friday, March 27, 2015

Menu Planning 101

The Happy Camper- Menu Planning 101
By Kevin Callan
Rating: ****
Though many people don’t think about it, meal planning is a very important part of camping. This article talks about the different kinds of food to pack when going on long term camping trips.

In this article, Kevin Callan explains that most students are skilled on the common abilities needed for extended wilderness trips but they’re not skilled at packing lightweight, nutritious meals. Most students would only think to bring stuff like mac and cheese or canned beans. He also talks about how rice, pasta and lentils are some of the best things to bring on a trip.

This article has made me think about the meals I will bring on camping trips in the future. I learned from this article that you don’t necessarily need to spend a load of money in order to get a lightweight nutritious meal.

Callan Kevin. Menu Planning 101.

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