Thursday, March 5, 2015

One Way To Become A National Geographic Photographer

Author: Hilary Oliver 
Rating: ****
By: Erin James

“In a lot of ways, my background in science has helped me get photography jobs. I’m totally happy talking frog anatomy or Gobi bears for months.” This is a quote from Joe Riis, a wildlife photojournalist who lives in rural South Dakota who is talked about in an article called “One Way To Become A National Geographic Photographer.” It’s a great article to read if you are interested in photography or even just like looking at beautiful pictures of wildlife and the outdoors. 

This article talks about a man who studied wildlife biology and decided to travel to photograph wildlife instead of starting biology research right away. Joe Riis has even spent up to 11 months a year in the field all over the world and received a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant. He is very passionate about his work and works with wildlife that are fighting to survive in Mongolia. Along with a description of Joe Riis’ career and daily life, the article includes gorgeous pictures that Joe has taken over the years that are absolutely breathtaking. 

I really enjoyed this article because it made me really envious of Joe’s life and what he has chosen to do with it. He not only does great things for wildlife everywhere, but he also captures the moment in his photographs to share with the world. After reading this article I’ve learned that you don’t necessarily have to jump into an office job right after university or college, but you can take time to find yourself, discover what you like and take a breath. I have always enjoyed taking pictures of the scenery when I’m camping or canoeing and after reading this article I will definitely be more appreciative of nature and all the wildlife in the world that I would be so lucky to see with my own eyes. 

If anyone is interested in seeing Joe Riis’ work, then you can look at his website at or on his instagram @joeriis

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