Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snowboarder Dies in Utah Avalanche

Snowboarder dies in Utah Avalanche

Snowboarder dies in Utah Avalanche- by The Editors
March 5th, 2015 

         The article is about 21 year old snowboarder named Blake Ford who was out riding with his friend near a resort called Hell's Canyon. they were accessing  an area prone to avalanches, while traversing across the mountain towards the resort the man triggered the avalanche neither man had proper training or equipment to deal with it. Blake Ford's body was found by rescue dogs. They found him buried under 3 feet of tightly packed snow.

       This article really hits close to home because snowboarding is a great passion of mine and it's scary to think of what could go wrong. This guys were right around the corner from the resort when they got hit by an avalanche. it really makes you be more cautious about where you are going and how important it is to follow the rules and stay on the trail.

Dane Clemenhagen

Snowboarder Dies in Utah Avalanche- by: Editors

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