Friday, March 27, 2015

Winter Running - Ice, Ice, Baby

Winter Running - Ice, Ice, Baby 
By: Kate Kift

Rating: ***

This article is an informative piece that I find relatable considering I am a runner myself. The article captured my attention and provided me with adequate and helpful knowledge regarding winter running and how to deal with icy conditions. 

“Winter Running - Ice, Ice, Baby” describes the effect that certain weather conditions can have on a runner’s overall performance. The author uncovers that running can be enjoyable and potentially beneficial when practiced throughout the winter. She explains that depending on your running style (mid-foot/for-foot lander), icy conditions can help you improve your form. Kift continues by supporting her theory using scientific concepts. The laws of physics help prove her point by essentially expressing that if your centre of gravity is in the correct position, your body mass is shifted towards the ground. This reduces your chance of slipping and injuring yourself. When practicing running with a proper centre of gravity (landing on your mid-foot) your form will improve considerably and will allow you to remain strong as a runner throughout the winter months. 

I admire the dedication that the author - and any winter runner - has shown through this season. The way that the author has turned an obstacle into an opportunity has impressed me. She went to considerable lengths to ensure that she - and anyone reading her article - would be safe while pursuing her passion through inconvenient conditions. I find her perseverance and dedication admirable. This article has made me reflect upon the activities and hobbies to which I am most dedicated (art, running, etc). I hope to pursue these passions to a further extent in the future. 

Kift, Kate. Winter Running - Ice,Ice, Baby! Canadian Running, February 24, 2012. Web. 

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