Friday, March 27, 2015

The truth about adventure

The truth about adventure
By: Allen Macartney

Rating : ****

The article i have read and found very interesting was not only based on adventure itself but the self-motivation and mental experience it takes you through.

In the article Allen Macartnery spoke about truth on adventures depending on the person.If you find yourself leaving you hiking boots in the closet and not using them to go for an adventure anywhere in the world then it reveals a bit of you character. 

The narrator speaks of a solo canoe trip he went on in Algonquin Park , which left her rethinking the adventure he was set to have,  after the dark cloud hung low and heavy over the hills.As a brave  and determined human, he himself chose to rise to the challenge and complete the adventure with a grin on him face.

In forming us that not every adventure that you go through must end with a happy ending.Some will leave you with blisters and sore muscles but you've learned many life lessons and your attitude towards the adventure should only be positive.
"Adventure can either defeat us or make us fully alive to life's possibilities.It can make us complain and turn us bitter,or it can transform us into a puppy with its head out the car window and its tongue flapping in the wind-delighted with life,and overjoyed with the possibilities." This was quoted from author in the article to give you on idea on what direction you should go toward.It is  you that make the decisions as to the choices you make. You may these experiences as adventures you would want to relive and speak of with friends and family or you mellow about them , regretting the adventure with a bitter attitude.In my opinion always chose happiness.

I recommend reading.

Allen Macartney,"The truth about adventure" Ottawa Outdoors  Spring/Summer 2011

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