Friday, April 10, 2015

Beginner's Guide to hiking

A Beginner's guide to hiking by Steve Kamb

Rating: ****

     This article outlines the basic essentials for a first time hiker in order to achieve a safe and enjoyable experience. The main points of advice include what you ca do to prepare for the hike, what to wear, what to pack, and some additional tips and tricks. In preparation for the upcoming hiking trip experience, I feel this is a good article to read up on if you are unsure about an aspects of the trip. 

     A lot of the information found in this article overlaps what we have already discussed in class regarding hiking essentials. However, I did find some relatively new tips that I find noteworthy: wearing pants is always the safest option is a forest environment as stumbling across reactive plant life, such as poison ivy, can spoil an trip. Although it's pretty basic advice, it was also strongly suggested to bring bug spray. This is something I definitely do not want to forget when packing my back pack. A menu plan is best to have lots of proteins, and a reasonable amount of healthy fats and carbs. 2 major components that can help achieve this are beef jerky and nuts. 

     I believe that Steve's article can prove useful for me in my future endeavors as a lot of the information is logical and relative to my situation. The author based all of his opinions off of his own experiences, and what went well and what didn't to cause him to form his opinions. 



A Beginner's Guide to Hiking. Kamb, Steve. 2007.

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