Friday, April 10, 2015

They're Called Life Jackets for a Reason - Tamia Nelson

They’re Called LIFE Jackets for a Reason - Tamia Nelson,
Rating: ***

This article is all about life jackets and how it really does matter what kind you buy. It describes what type of jacket is good for which condition.

They’re Called Life Jackets for a Reason explains to kayakers and canoeists which life jackets they should be purchasing for the specific activity they will be taking part in. It goes on to say how many people die on the water from drowning just because they were careless and didn't bring a life jacket. The article tells you how to check if the life jacket you are buying is the right fit for you and what to do when testing it; for example, make sure it keeps your head above the water. It describes the different types of vests you can buy and what to look for in the specific one you want. There are many life jackets out there that are improperly used.

This article has made me think about all the times I've gone boating or canoeing and I put on a life jacket without knowing what kind it was or what it was for. I've definitely learnt that I need to make sure that I know the purpose of the life jacket I’m using and that I've tested it in safe water before going somewhere much deeper. Taking an hour to find a proper life jacket and test it is worth it when your life is on the line.

I would recommend reading this article before going on the water. It’s important to know the best way to assure your safety.

Nelson, Tamia. They’re Called LIFE Jackets for a Reason. 2001.

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