Saturday, April 11, 2015

How to Anchor a Tent in Rocky Terrain

Anchoring a tent in rocky terrain

How to Anchor a tent on Rocky Surfaces:Paul Smith


When your stuck in a position where you have to peg your tent  down, but your in a rocky area, some useful tips can help to keep your tent secure.

Throughout the article, we are given information on how to secure your tent on rocky terrain.  Because you can't use your pegs in the rock, the article tells us how to secure our tent. By ting your anchoring lines to irregular shaped rock you can make a makeshift peg to hold your tent to the ground. The article also provides us with addition information on securing your tent in windy conditions. Using chocks (small wedges used in small crevasses in the rock to secure rope) you can also hold your tent to the ground in extreme weather conditions by positioning them inside small cracks inside the bedrock. using these techniques, you can keep your tent on the ground safely.

This article has made me think about ways to keep my tent grounded in not only rocky conditions, but muddy, wet, sandy, and forested conditions as well. This article gave me an insight to camping in rock areas, as well as to help my prepare by buying some chocks for those windy days. This article has taught me how to pin my tent correctly in rocky areas, which can be a very important piece of information to have. I would have thought any rocks would have been fine, but this article helps to specify exactly what you should do in the certain circumstances. I recommend reading this article, but it could have offered more information on areas without large rocks (plateau) or any other specific areas.

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