Monday, April 13, 2015

Day Hiking Essentials
Day Hiking Essentials- Outdoor Adventure Canada Magazine

Being prepared and knowledgeable for a hiking adventure in the outdoors is very important. The article starts off with the narrator looking back on a very hot hiking trip, observing the people on the trail who were ill prepared. The article proves that it is very important to be prepared through the use of equipment, being knowledgeable or doing the research.
The article begins, by assigning water as the number 1 necessity on a hiking trip. Being dehydrated can occur easily and it recommends having ½ liters of water per hour. Of course this number should change depending on the personal needs, weight, difficulty of the trail and weather and so if you are not sure research is highly recommended. The article also goes into detail revising the importance of bringing water, and to be more specific which type of water reusable water or non reusable water. Other crucial necessities include extra pair of clothing, layers in clothing, proper footwear and a first aid kit. Although items like hiking socks and flash lights are important, they are not the main necessities. The article talks about the quality of the clothing, the quality of the footwear and how many layers of cloth should be worn. Your body runs on fuel and the article mentioned the necessity of bring enough food in your bag and bringing enough snacks to keep your energy level high during the day. The article did not talk about what types of food should be brought, except that depending on the circumstances research can be done to determine what type of food to bring. For example storing a cold beverage in your bag on a hot day would be very comforting.

This article has changed my perspective greatly on planning for a wilderness hiking adventure. I earned greater knowledge, knowing the importance of research and being prepared. Greater comfort and security rewards the person with great enjoyment because the person would not have to worry about the basic essentials. I now know the main necessity of this trip will be water because observing all the people that went on the trip, many of them did not do their research or bring any water. Knowing this information, I have done my research on this trip and I know what the weather is going to be like, what the conditions are like and what equipment should be brought.

Finally, I would recommend anyone looking for a beginners guide for hiking to read this article. Although I don't recommend reading this article alone, research will also have to be done.,. 'Outdoor Adventure Canada - Day Hiking Essentials'. N.p., 2015. Web. 30 Mar. 2015.

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