Sunday, April 12, 2015

Survival 101: Bad Attitude Can Kill You article 3

Survival 101: Bad Attitude Can Kill You

Macartney, Allen

This article is about the switch you have in you brain to turn off your danger alarm in the wilderness.  The problem with turning it off is that you no longer evaluate if something is safe, it's important to always stay alert because nature does not care if you live.  Nature is not safe and it will always win, except if you are prepared for the worst and be alert.  Thats why this article cannot stress enough how important it is to be safe and have fun, but keep alert and prepare for the worst.

This article has made me rethink carelessly going for walks in the forest to include when camping.  It has made me now prepare for the worst and be very concise for example, to always tell people where I am going and how long I expect to be gone in case something happens to me.  It has made me wonder about how many lives could have been saved if they their danger switch had been on.  Also how I can keep mine on and always be watching out for anything dangerous.  I have learnt that the wilderness is very dangerous and fun at the same time but you can prepare for the danger e.g tell people where I am going, how long I will be gone, bring extra food and water, and to never turn off the danger switch (always be aware).  It has inspired me to go on big trips both in the wilderness and in urban settings and to use my switch to keep me alert and safe.  I have heard crazy stories about people that have been in difficult situations that have scared me a bit. I think this is a great article and anyone traveling should read this.   

Max Grohs

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