Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tie One On, The (Almost) Lost Art Of The Yukon Pack

Tie One On The (Almost) Lost Art Of The Yukon Pack- Craig Macartney

Rating: ***
This article serves the purpose of reviving the lost Yukon pack. A smart, efficient, and easy to make pack that can serve as a great back-up backpack.

Throughout the article, it talks about the efficient and easy to make Yukon Pack. Originally Made to carry home hunted meat. Became very popular for anyone who needed to carry anything. After hiking packs and advanced backpacks were created the Yukon pack began to diminish in popularity. Now, the Yukon pack is almost lost, but it still deems to be useful. Competing with advanced packs, the Yukon pack has become a very reliable emergency pack. In case you break a strap or cut a hole in your bag. In hopes of reviving the Yukon pack, Craig gives us step by step instruction to create an efficient Yukon pack.

I believe the Yukon pack is extremely useful. I have encountered many times where my strap has broken and i would have to continue my trip with struggle. It made me think about my hiking trip where i had to carry my fifty pound bag without a shoulder and a waist strap and how the Yukon pack could be useful in that situation. I will practice making Yukon packs and plan to put them in my hiking trips. They serve to be as efficient as a normal bag and are a wonderful backup plan. Personally i don't have experience with hiking packs, but I can see how the Yukon pack shouldn't be lost and should be in use for every outdoor person. 

Tie One On The (Almost) Lost Art Of The Yukon Pack, Macartney, Craig.2015 Ottawa Outdoors Magazine

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