Sunday, April 12, 2015

Quest For Fire

Quest For Fire, How To Build A Fire In Winter- Chantal Macartney 
Article #3
Rating: ****

Although short, this article gives you steps on how to build a proper fire in winter.

In this article, we talk of one of the most crucial keys of survival:fire. Not only that, but in the winter time where it can serve for heat, prepare food, and drys clothes. it gives you steps to creating your perfect winter fire. First, you must find the perfect place, find a flat area and keep a good distance from your sleeping area. Then search for fire starters, dry leaves and pine cones. Then search for dry peaces of wood, preferably soft woods and use them to cover the fire to keep it going. Always consider wind and keep the fire isolated. 

I have personally camped in the winter three times, in each case fire was a problem. We would have a hard time isolating it, starting it and when we did get it going we would never be able to make it last. This article had some great tips and i will use them next time going camping. With this information i have the confidence to go and make a proper winter fire. I able to point out the problems we had last time and I wont be making them anymore. This gives a more relieved behavior next time i go winter camping. The article made me think about the significant difference between summer and winter camping. In winter, it requires much more thought and intelligence. You must consider wind, wetness and safety when building a fire. Personally I am mostly experienced in summer camping and are more used to it. Winter camping was a good and exciting challenge for me. The fire was an obstacle but i got past it with critical thinking. With this article i feel i will have an easier time next time around.

Quest For Fire, How To Build A Fire In Winter, Macartney, Chantal 2015 Ottawa Outdoors Magazine.

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