Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sizing Up The Ice

Sizing up the Ice Going Through Is All Too Familiar, So Avoid Dangerous Areas- Roger Bird
Article #2
This article recognizes the amount of people who fall through ice and how everyone should take precautions and know the safety measures.

Sizing Up The Ice talks of the amount of icy accidents in the winter time. Almost every snowshoer, hiker and skier who goes on ice has experience a fall through the ice. In a group of hikers seven of the ten had experienced a fall through ice. Falling through ice could be very dangerous and if you don't know how to control the situation, in and out of the ice. It could lead to death. The Canadian Red Cross advises that everyone should take some time to revise or learn the precautions to take when near ice.  

This article reminded me of my accident in ice with my cousin. Luckily i knew how to get out and safely get my cousin out. Right after we got out i got a new set of clothes for the both of us and heated ourselves up. Being around ice is very dangerous. I thought grey ice is safe and in general ice was safe to be on and my accident is very rare, but this article taught me otherwise. I now know grey ice is thin and ice is very risky to be on. It must be at least 10 cm thick. It's very hard to tell. This text won't stop me from hiking on ice but it will make me very cautious and careful next time I take a trip on ice. Ill notify everyone i go hiking to revise the precautions since I was usually the only one who knew how to safely go on ice, but near ice one person is too risky to save everyone else.

Sizing Up The Ice Going Through Is All Too Familiar, So Avoid Dangerous Areas, Bird,Roger, 2015 Ottawa Outdoors Magazine.

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