Sunday, April 12, 2015

Three high energy bannock recipes article 1

Three high energy bannock recipes

This article is a recipe for a very delicious and great snack called the bannock, there are variations of the bannock but the one I will be reviewing is the maple blueberry bannock.  This article explains the journey that Allen Macartney went through to discover these bannock recipes. he was traveling through the Yukon river.

This article has affected me greatly,because I have been looking for a high calorie and easy to make camping food.  It has also made me think about other thing that may taste good in bannock like Jams and fruits.  But overall i learnt that bannock is a famous native food, that is very tasty, great for camping and that you should always try new things.  It has inspired me to make my own bannock recipe and to share the great taste to all the kind people i meet while camping.This article had the influence on me to be kind because there is so much to share in life.

By: Max Grohs

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