Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rock Climbing article 2

Rock Climbing

Going up the walls!

by Tanya Tiessen, BCRPA, ACE PT, MS

This article has changed my idea of what I thought was a semi boring sport into one which I found I absolutely love to do. In this article Tanya Tiessen discusses how rock climbing is now becoming a mainstream sport and gives her opinion about indoor and outdoor climbing. She states that indoor climbing is better to start until you are able to develop the muscle and technique needed for the outdoors. She prepares a first time rock climber by exploring what they should expect such as, being in positions that they have never been in before and how to be safe because rock climbing can be dangerous. Finally she talks about the body benefits of rock climbing which are:  staying fit and having excellent strength to weight ratio which means you will be strong enough easily lift your self.

This article has inspired me to try rock climbing which I really enjoyed. I realized how physically challenging yet fun this sport can be.  I began to understand which muscle groups are used by reading this article.  Im thankful that it was part of my outdoor education because I'm not sure I would have tried it otherwise.  This article prepared me for a sport I found physically a bit challenging and frankly a bit scary.

By: Max Grohs

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