Friday, April 10, 2015

Survival 101: Bad Attitude Can Kill You

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The article 'Bad Attitude Can Kill You' tells a story about a middle aged man who headed out into the wilderness to engage into a 3 month long solo canoe trip with minimal survival essentials, thinking he could easily survive off of just the earths natural resources. He did not tell anyone exactly where he was going. All of this bad preparation resulted in his body being pulled out of the forest, nealy dead. 

This article illustrates a powerful theme; just because you have lots of experience in wilderness in general, doesn't mean you should embark on a journey with little supplies. Always be prepared. Nature doesn't care whether you live or die. 

I found this article was very informative  because reading about someone else's bad experience makes me more aware that these things can happen to anyone. It opened my eyes for my future camping trips.

In conclusion, this article was very beneficial for me because of the fact that I will be participating in a camping trip for the outdoor Ed class not far from now and it made me more conscious of what an arrogant and over confident attitude can lead to. Always be prepared for anything.

Bad Atitude Can Kill You. Macartney, Allen. 2014. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine.

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