Friday, April 10, 2015

Tombstone Territorial Park


The article, Tombstone Territorial Park is an article about the experience of Pam Johnson and her husband on their hiking trip. They drove nearly four days to reach Tombstone Territorial Park to explore the beautiful mountains, nature, and wildlife. I found this article interesting because it got me excited for the hiking trip our class will be taking part in at the end of the month.

Johnson shared about how they had no cellphone coverage and the park was not responsible for rescues they had to prepare to fend for themselves. they were prepared for all weather conditions and trail conditions. For good reason too, they encountered many trails with uneven ground, boulders, and steep inclines. They also entered a sub-Arctic valley with an extremely frigid climate with many ups and downs. However the views at each camp and lookout made each treacherous hike completely worth it.

I really enjoyed this article because reading about a trip that I will soon be able to experience myself helps me prepare myself with what to expect physically and emotionally. The article also reminded me to remember to take in and really appreciate the nature around me even if I may be exhausted from the hike.    

Tombstone Territorial Park. Johnson, Pam. 2014. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine.

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