Tuesday, June 9, 2015

10 Ways To Improve Your Mountain Biking -Andrew Murphy

10 Ways To Improve Your Mountain Biking
By:David Alden
This article talks about the basics for mountain biking. It talks about how to make the best of your mountain biking experience and how to be better at it.

     The article talks about 10 ways to improve your mountain biking experience. The first one is to maintain your mountain bike. This says to make sure that your bike is fitted for you(ie not too big or not too small) and to make sure that your bike is in good shape and not cracked as a minor problem at home can be a major problem in the outdoors. The next one says that you should ride with other riders better than yourself so that you can push yourself a little harder and learn from the moor experienced riders. Learning from their skills can be beneficial if you are riding on your own. The next one is to focus on where you want to go, this talks about watching where you are going so you do not fall and get hurt. Relax is the next way, and this says that you should loosen your grip on your handle bars so that your grip is not so tight your forearms become fatigue very quickly. The spin when cycling is ideal as having a constant speed is great, and it allows you to have a smoother ride. Cycling at a high gear will cause you to use more energy and be fatigue faster, and if you have it too low then you will go no wear and have no control over your bike. Learning how to do wheelies can be helpful because it will allow you to do a front wheelie and a back wheelie over objects so that you don't hit them. As well it can make some trails easier to overcome. Learning how to atop without putting your foot down will help keep your momentum. Braking is essential because learning how brake is good for coming around corners, you also have 2 brakes and most of your pressure is on the front brake. Practicing using these effectively are good for when you are coming down a hill. Getting out of your local trails is good so you can challenge yourself. Riding every is that last way to improve your mountain biking, riding to the store, to a friends house, to a friends sport game can help you with your riding experience.

     This article taught me a lot about how to improve my mountain biking. I enjoy mountain biking around the city and have not actually tried biking on trails, however it is something I have thought about. These suggestions are things I am going to try before going on the trails so I don't hurt myself. If I am going to start I feel like going during the summer would be the best time and asking friends to go with me would be ideal as summer seems to be the best time to go. Friends can help motivate you to keep up(whether you think it or they say it) with them can allow you to push yourself and learn that way. Of course if I am going to go, and my friends are not available and I want to go on my own, I would definitely do some research and look for a mountain biking class so I could get some information on tips from a person who would know what to do in almost any situation. SO this article has taught me a lot when it comes to biking and how to improve my mountain biking which I did take into consideration.

Written by: David Alden

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