Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Article Assignment #4 - Aidan G.

In Early Spring, Leave the Woods to the Animals
By: Allen Macartney
Rating: ***

          For many animals, the spring is the re-opening of the wilderness and the period of rebuild for their habitat. Many of the animals hibernate in the winter and the spring provides them with a time of recovery and regrowth back to their natural cycles. 
          This short article briefly explains the troubles and risks with hiking in the spring time. It states how this time of recuperation is sensitive for animals and any disturbing interference can put a hiker in a lot of danger. You are most likely to encounter a hungry and vicious animal during this time and this not only disturbs their rehabilitation state, but your natural state of well being also. The author provides different tips and important signs to look for if you are still very interested and intend on hiking during the early spring time, although his recommendation is to simply not hike during this time period. Some of these signs are: look for animal droppings (poop), tracks, fresh diggings, or torn apart trees. Some tips the author gave were: Stick to well-traveled trails, carry a whistle or animal repellent, and in a fight or flight situation, such as encountering a bear, always flee the scene slowly and cautiously. It is important not to panic. He states that the easiest solution to this risk is to just wait until late May/early June for nature to re-balance itself.
          Reading this article simply gave me extra knowledge about the aspects of the natural cycles of the wilderness. The authors personal recommendation has given me another perspective to look through when I plan for any future outdoor adventures in the wilderness. I've learned briefly about the post-hibernation state animals experience and how it can impact my safety and also how I can impact the safety of the animals and their habitat. I know that I will consider applying this greater understanding to help my safety and security in any future situation in the wilderness. This is one more ideology that will definitely benefit me in the future.

Bibliography (MLA):
Macarteny, Allen. "In Early Spring, Leave the Woods to the Animals." Ottawa Outdoors Spring 2015: 5. Print.                                      

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