Thursday, June 4, 2015

Article #4

Wilderness Survival Skills: Survival Cooking.

Mother Earth News


This article talked about not only cooking skills but about what you should do in preparation in the wilderness, what to do during survival, and this article deeply went into explaining other helpful tips for survival.

The way the article started off was preparation before your actual meal. For example: the writer talked about how and where are the best spots to find food. Secondly, he talked about how to make your own bowl/plate by using coals and wood (which actually helps preheat your bowl/plate for better meals). The writer of this article went in depth with every step and detail because he even explained how to properly cook food, what items you should use to keep food in and how to create them in the first place. He even talked about different methods of cooking; rock boiling! 

I for sure knew that the writer put in a lot of effort and details into this article. I believe that this article is definitely worth the read and is very underrated for only being an article on the internet!
Devan Larkin

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