Thursday, June 4, 2015

Canoeing Off the Grid in Maine

Canoeing Off the Grid in Maine - Amy Ragsdale

Rating: ****

“Canoeing Off the Grid in Maine” was an enjoyable article to read that told the story of an ambitious family canoe trip. This excursion ended successfully, yet not without obstacles.

The article begins by explaining the journey that the young family takes throughout the uncharted areas of the american wilderness. Peter and Amy Ragsdale had travelled out to the St. John River in northwest Maine to begin their voyage down to the Allagash with their two kids. The purpose of this trip was to research the “blank” ranges of land for Peter to write about in his book The Last Empty Places. The family ran into challenges along the way, for example heavy rain showers, brutal mosquito swarms and less than ideal accommodations. Despite the struggles that they encountered, the family seemed to have kept a positive attitude and appreciation for the environment and experience. 

The tasks that the family performed during their trip remind me of my experiences during outdoor education and previous family camping trips. For example, learning about canoeing, starting fires, setting up a tent, dealing with difficult wildlife (mosquitos, moose, etc), and unfortunate weather conditions.

I found this article relatable as I engaged in many outdoor activities as a child and enjoyed spending time with my family in this way. I am impressed by the determination shown by the parents to tackle such an excursion with their kids. I admire the fact that they have given their children this experience which has provided them with a way to enhance different learning techniques not taught in school. Overall this article was relatable, informative and encourages other young families to experience activities that will create good stories for the future. 

Ragsdale, Amy. “Canoeing Off the Grid in Maine”. Outside. April 28, 2014. Web.  

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