Monday, June 1, 2015

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Post By: Caylee Joseph
By: Unknown Author
     In this article, it talks about the constant rising of pollution in the great lakes and how it is affecting wildlife, humans, and the ecosystems around it. Humans have been using the lakes as trash cans since the sixties and are under the belief (still) that the water will dilute the chemicals over time. 
     Some of the affected wildlife like frogs, become poisoned and mutated with tumors or three legs. The fish start to swell with tumors and infectious diseases that can be caught by humans. People aren’t just worried about the animals catching these illnesses but humans too. Some of the effects that the polluted lakes have on humans are reproductive problems, cancer, and brain damage. Pregnant women are also a big worry because the lakes will harm them and the unborn child.
     These lakes are also losing their ability to provide for the life that they contain. These lakes use to be full of nutrients and great for supporting life. Now they are losing everything and the life that they use to have in them.
     Overall this article leaves you with a new thought about pollution and the movement to stop it. I really enjoyed this article because of how close to home it was and how serious it is.

Unknown author. “Water Pollution in the Great Lakes”. Date Unknown. Website.

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