Monday, June 1, 2015

Article 4: Whitewater Rafting the Canadian Rockies and Beyond

Whitewater Rafting the Canadian Rockies and Beyond

By Unknown Author

Reflection by Aislinn Defries

Rating: ****

This article describes the amazing feeling and experience of white water rafting.

 The author gives readers the inside scoop of the different levels of white water rafting, the cost of different white water rafting trips, and the best places to go white-water rafting, such as rivers in the Canadian Rockies and the Foothills. The author of this article also advises what to expect for a first white-water rafting trip, such as the type of rivers and rapids, what to wear, and more. The author also explains how the white water operators/guides are fully trained and experienced, and that you are in good hands. The author sure made white water rafting sound like a super awesome experience.

I was very impressed after reading this article because I didn't realize white water rafting was becoming so popular these days. I never really researched it before, and I now know that even though it sounds scary, it also sounds like a really fun and exciting experience. This article has made me think about possibly going white-water rafting sometime. I want to participate in and experience this cool sport at least once in my life. It has also made me think about how although white-water rafting sounds dangerous, it is actually pretty safe, as all of the water-rafting instructors are trained and there are also different levels of rapids, including rivers for beginners. Even children can partake in some of these rafting tours! The tours also provide helmets, proper life-jackets, and wet suits.  It has also made me think about all of the different locations and opportunities to go to white-water rafting, as this author suggests very good rivers in the Canadian Rockies (rivers in Alberta, British Columbia,etc). From this article, I have learned about the many different rivers I go white-water rafting, as this author strongly recommends to go to the Canadian Rockies and the Foothills. He/she names rivers such as the Sunwapta and Fraser Rivers, the Red Dear River, the Colombia River, the Elk River, and many more. I also learned how rivers with rapids are "graded" to certain categories and levels, and that you do not need to be experienced at all in order to go white-water rafting. I have been white-water canoeing before, so I know the basics, but I am not very experienced. I have also learned that you can go on white-water rafting tours for a day, a weekend, etc. This article has inspired me to experience this amazing activity. I am now going to research white-water rafting tours, as I heard that there are some that happen on the Ottawa River. This article has also inspired me to not be as scared about the thought of white-water rafting as I was before, as I now know that the very experienced instructors will give thorough instructions before and during the adventure, and have life-guarding/first aid qualifications. This has inspired me to be live an adventurous life and to have fun doing new things. This article has inspired me to make new and amazing memories. As I said above, this article will now change my view/behavior on this topic. Before I thought white-water rafting sounded really scary (as my previous white-water canoeing experiences were a bit scary), but now that I know more information about this activity, I am not going to be as scared to try new activities on the water.

White-water rafting sounds like an amazing activity that I can experience with friends and family in the future. The author of this article has definitely made this activity sounds like an amazing and memorable experience that will stay with future rafters for life.

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