Sunday, June 14, 2015

dave canteburys 10 c’s of survival
5/5 stars

Dave Canterbury is a well known survivalist that has proven his tricks and technique over the years on his show dual survival and in his pathfinder school which teaches the techniques he developed.

this article glances over the idea of 10 key components to survive in the wilderness. the first five are items that you should never go in the woods without and the final five make survival easier.
item 1 is a cutting tool for this its recommended to have a fixed blade knife. this is key to clean fish to splitting kindling. item 2 is combustion. something dependable to start a fire in a pinch Dave recommends you are redundant with combustion devices. the third c is cover which is something from a tent to a tarp that will keep you sheltered from the element if it happens to rain.the next item is a container. this can be used to hold water best if it is steel so it can be boiled on a fire to purify in a pinch. the last of the first five cs is cordage. cordage can be used to catch game in traps or fishing, can be used as a tornicate and can be use to put up a survival shelter.the final five cs are candle which is any source of illumination , cotton which is a bandanna , a compass , cargo tape , there is a million uses for duct tape and finally a canvas needle which can be used to repair clothes a shelter or remove splinters

this article is precise and says the importance of every item

Canterbury, Dave. "Dave Canterbury's 10 C's of Survival - Self Reliance Outfitters Blog." Self Reliance Outfitters Blog. Pathfinder LLC, 16 July 2013. Web. 14 June 2015.

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