Sunday, June 14, 2015

TED Talk Reflection - Aidan G.

The Hidden Beauty of Pollination
By: Louie Schwartzberg
          Many people take pollination for granted because they don't realize or understand the true meaning of it. People think it's natural and that we're not involved. The problem with that statement is that we are a part of nature and by choosing to believe in excluding an aspect of the natural regenerating processes, could exclude ourselves from existence.   
          This was a short Ted Talk, briefly explaining the importance and true beauty of pollination. The speaker states how many people take pollination for granted. He thinks that beauty and seduction are natures tools for survival because we will protect what we fall in love with. This is an aspect of pollination. Pollination is the regeneration of life over and over again. It requires reproduction and this is where the beauty and seduction take their place in the role of survival.  Nature invented reproduction as a mechanism to move forward with life. He also states how humans depend on pollinators for over a third of all the fruits and vegetables we consume. Many people don't recognize this fact of nature and this is what causes them to take nature's capabilities for granted. 
          After watching this Ted Talk, I have really taken into consideration our role as human's in nature and how important we are to all the other biotic and abiotic components of our universe. We depend on each other to survive. Even I have realized that this is a much more significant topic for our survival than I thought it was. This has made me think about a much larger picture than just certain insects using "pretty flowers" to pollinate. It's made me realize that we are all links in the evolution of life. 
          I will definitely change my approach on how my behaviour affects natures cycle of life because I now understand that my actions are connected to the further results that can threaten the future of mankind. Even though we may be different species in the universe, everything is related to the regeneration of life. 

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