Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fat bikes a big hit with cyclists feeling the pain of Edmonton’s rough terrain


I really enjoyed this article about fat tires on bikes because it gives my family and me and activity we can do in the winter. My family loves biking, but always has to put them away for the winter. This article teaches me that we won’t have to anymore.

A man named Chris Hubick uses a fat bike for winter biking, but he later realised that it worked well for every season. This “fat bike” isn’t like the fat tires or more known as mountain bikes. These bikes are wide all around. This helps make room for giant tires that are purposefully squishy. This helps them float over snow, tree roots and beach sand. The bikes are very safe and stable, someone has even used his bike to pull his baby carriage. These fat bikes are very useful for people who have to bike to work and have to conquer potholes and gravel patches on the road. When they first started selling them they didn’t get such sold much. Most of them weigh up to 40 pounds. The good thing is that if they break they aren’t expensive and the parts can be replaced easily. Now word got out about these bikes and they’re selling way more than they used to. Chris Hubick says with enough muscle power you could go over anything with the fat bike. This bike has been proven by many that it’s a very good on or off road bike.

I really enjoyed this article because it really educated me about this bike and how it could  be helpful for people I know. My friend lives in an area with a lot of hills, but she really likes to bike round. It’s also easier for her to travel to work. This bike could really help her, so I can definitely recommend them to her.

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