Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Health Benefits of the Great Outdoors


I found this article really interesting. Even though I knew that the outdoors had health benefits, I didn’t know there were so many.

The outdoors is a beautiful place. With that being said it can also be deemed as helpful for recovery of human illnesses, fight against cancer and boost your mood. The article mentions research by Professor Roger Ulrich who claims open areas can boost recovery after surgery or a major illness. They found that patients with a natural view needed less pain relieving medication, were more cooperative, and went home two to three days sooner than the group given buildings to look at. This is most likely because of the mental feelings of the patient. Knowing this, Professor looked into how the outdoors decreased stress levels. He again did a test and proved that nature reduced stress and tension. For cancer it isn’t so much the green space itself, but the need for wanting to go outside for a walk. Exercise is proven to decrease the risk of cancer, so going outside can be pretty beneficial.

This article was very educational for me and I really enjoyed it. This made me think about how beneficial and healthy the outdoors really can be. I now understand why I always feel good doing work outdoors. I go outside a lot, but I feel like knowing this I’ll go out even more, especially when I feel stressed.

Mail Online,. 'The Health Benefits Of The Great Outdoors'. N.p., 2015. Web. 14 June 2015.

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