Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ted talk:Get hooked on nature

Get hooked on nature-Ben Klasky


This is an interesting topic that would make most parents pose the question, are my kids getting outside enough?

This Ted Talk is about an issue that needs to be resolved. Kids aren't getting outside enough. He poses some good solutions to this problem and tells you some of the benefits of being in nature and how it benefits everyone's health.

This Ted Talk has made me think about an important issue and made me ask myself if I'm getting outside enough, I thought about it and it made me want to get outside more. It made me think about this serious problem and how it affects people I know and myself. I learned that this man is trying to find solutions to this problem that seem to continue worsening. It has inspired me to make a greater effort to get outside more. I will definitely try to get outside more.

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