Friday, June 5, 2015

Wilderness survival kit- top 10 items

Wilderness Survival Kit top ten items by Jason Knight
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This article is about the top 10 most important items in an emergency survival kit. The article is an in depth look at the individual items that are important in a survival situation. the article is an opinion piece by Jason Knight. I don't agree however that certain items on the list are as important as others that should be. Here is the list:
Knife, Water Purification, Wool blanket, Lighter, Matches, Compass, First Aid Supplies, Flashlight, Small mess kit bowl & Parachute cord.

The article gives examples as to what those items could be used for.

The author chose to put a wool blanket as a top ten important gear list. I dont believe that this should be on the list do this, as there are other way to keep warm. Though it is important to bring, I don't think it should be in the top 10. I would replace it with a gps or a satellite phone; something that to signal a rescue team, as it could save your life. I agree with the rest of his list. This article did not really teach me anything new, as I already knew how important those items were in an emergency situation but it did teach me what paracord was. Overall, it’s a pretty simple article but it would be good to read if you were planning on packing an emergency kit.

Knight, Jason. "Wilderness Survival Kits: Top Ten Items." Alderleaf Wilderness College. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 June 2015.

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